BHP Billiton and Escondida copper mine negotiations will be adjusted work schedule

  Union spokesman Carlos Allendes said on the phone that BHP’s Chilean Escondida copper mine will continue negotiations next week. BHP Billiton and the trade union sought a renewal agreement, which included 7 days of work and 7 days off from the miners, instead of the default 7 day work and 4 day holiday.  Allendes said: “the dialogue has taken the position of both sides closer.”.” “We’ve been pushing the negotiations to move towards the middle point of everyone’s satisfaction.” Negotiations begin on May 30th, and the next round of negotiations will begin at around 11 a.m. local time on Monday.  BHP did not reply to an email requesting comment, and. Under the new labour law, the agreement is for 3 years.  In the two or three month the Escondida copper mine, a 44 day strike is the generation of the Chilean mining strike the longest time; although the current strike has ended, but did not reach a new labor agreement, the negotiations scheduled for mid 2018 to.