International oil prices change rate 5% three breakthroughs on August oil prices rise

July 11,, the national development and reform commission cut domestic retail price of the product, the first is “three waters”. But since then the international oil prices will all the way up. In August the rise in oil prices is an inevitable trend.
International oil prices continue to rise
According to the monitoring mechanism, the international oil prices have breakthrough three rate 5%. As of yesterday, the international oil price has soared to 5.27% three rate. , August 10,, once reached 22 days time requirements, the opening price adjustment window.
Near product raised the window open, yesterday, the domestic refined oil prices did not appear larger fluctuation, but after refined oil wholesale prices continue to rise, at present the wholesale price already approximation product maximum retail price.
Price adjustment range
Relevant experts believe that: domestic CPI falling and opened the steam diesel prices rise space, and since the second quarter, oil refining continued losses, main refinery were YaChan, promotion, drop library. Due to the recent crude oil prices rebounded strongly, steam diesel wholesale prices continue to rise, steam refining diesel oil inventory is falling fast. Therefore, in August 9, the domestic refined oil price adjustment window open date, gasoline and diesel prices May 10, raised in time, is expected to rise to 400-450 yuan per ton.
ZhongYu information statistics show, the steam diesel mainstream clinch a deal the price more push risen so high, and wait for the price adjustment after implement continue to push up. By the end of August 8, the domestic 93 # gasoline average price for 9053 yuan/ton, 0 # diesel oil average price for 7889 yuan/ton.
ZhongYu information data show that by the end of August 8,, the domestic market price of gasoline and diesel retail BuZhang, 93, gasoline average price for 9053 yuan/ton, the day before a small rise 2 yuan/ton, 0 diesel, average price for 7889 yuan/ton, compared with the previous day up 16 yuan/ton. On the market at present main unit 0 diesel, mainstream clinch a deal the price is in 7850-8100 yuan/ton, most market diesel wholesale price and retail price is consistent, and 93 gasoline mainstream clinch a deal in the 8900-9200 yuan/ton.
Will bring influence
Bulk products e-commerce platform treasure island analysts HanJingYuan told China stock certificate report reporter, the foundation industry is concerned, to increase oil prices the most direct influence is undoubtedly improve the cost of logistics transportation, warehousing, express industries most obvious influence. But based on the prices of CPI index weight is limited, the CPI increase oil prices to direct the impact is not big.