Large enterprises will become the focus of this week, molybdenum products market

Since 2016, the international and domestic molybdenum raw material prices are rising, from the beginning of 700 yuan / ton of molybdenum concentrate rose to the current 1100 yuan / ton, while the domestic molybdenum products prices do not rise to the price of molybdenum products upside risk.
On Monday, the domestic leading enterprises in Zigong hard alloy molybdenum products Chengdu branch, Jiangsu Fengfeng tungsten products Limited by Share Ltd, molybdenum industry (Shandong) Limited by Share Ltd, Xiamen Honglu Tungsten Molybdenum Industry Co. Ltd., Limited by Share Ltd Jinduicheng molybdenum metal branch, held on the price trend of molybdenum products in Chengdu. On Tuesday night, more than 26 companies reached a common willingness since the beginning of this month, the price of molybdenum rods will be adjusted to 245-250 yuan / kg, for molybdenum powder, molybdenum and other products price offer to negotiate. On Friday afternoon, more than the enterprise to achieve the ultimate intention, next Monday together to enhance the product price to a level 16.3 in case of 16.7/ tons of molybdenum powder, molybdenum steel strip 17 in case 174 thousand / ton, 18.1 / 185 thousand in case of molybdenum wire drawing tons, molybdenum wire to pull 245 to 250 yuan / kg
In December 26th, a domestic molybdenum powder mainstream price at 15.5-16.5 yuan / ton, drawing molybdenum domestic mainstream offer in 17-18.3 yuan / ton, molybdenum bars domestic mainstream offer in 15.8-17.2 yuan / tons of steel, molybdenum rod of domestic mainstream offer in 235-250 yuan / kg.
The large domestic molybdenum products enterprises due to the rise in the cost of common price can achieve the desired results, the implementation mainly depends on large molybdenum products enterprises, the second is the downstream business acceptance, will affect the molybdenum products prices rose faster.
This week, the implementation of molybdenum products large enterprises will become the focus of the molybdenum products market, some companies said that at the beginning of the week will wait and see more than the price of the enterprise, and then make a corresponding adjustment of the product quotation.