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Titanium Nickel Memory Alloy

In recent years, the company commits to the development and manufacture of Titanium Nickel memory alloy and has achieved remarkable results. Our products of Titanium Nickel memory alloy have been widely praised by our customers at home and abroad. The Titanium Nickel memory alloy sheet is one of major product among them. Its manufacture belongs to the field of non-ferrous metal processing. We develop a production method of Titanium Nickel memory alloy sheet, mainly including melting, forging, hot/cold rolling , annealing, pickling and finishing. A graphite crucible is used when melting in vacuum induction furnace in this production method. At first, a small amount of TiNi master alloy with the same compositions as the final alloy is prepared and placed in a graphite crucible. A molten pool of TiNi alloy is formed after the furnace being started, and then the sponge Titanium and electrolytic Nickel scraps are slowly added into the molten pool for continually melting. The casting TiNi alloy ingot is achieved finally after melting. The chemical composition of the TiNi ingot is guaranteed to be (54.5%~55.5%)Ni and Balance Ti. The gas elements should be C ≤ 0.04%, H ≤ 0.005%, O ≤ 0.050% and N ≤ 0.04%. We have tackled many problems in the production, such as a poor plasticity of TiNi memory alloy at room temperature, cracking, peeling, folding, oxidation, impurities pressing and how to improve its mechanical properties. The cost is also reduced with our production method in mass production. At present, our manufacturing technology becomes matured. The alloy has the characteristics of high specific strength, non-magnetism, wear-resistance, good biocompatibility and high damping. With these excellent characteristics it is widely used in many fields of industry, including electronics, machinery, aerospace, transportation, architecture, chemistry, medical treatment, home appliances and daily necessities.